There are many reasons to choose to transact business with BFS Services.  Here are but a few important reasons to consider BFS Services to meet your shipping and warehousing needs.


Centrally Located
Texas is considered centrally located in United States for a maximum operational efficiency.
BFS Services is in the center of four major business centers, Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York and Florida   Within 20 miles from Downtown Dallas.
Customer Service
Our commitment is to provide you with the most accurate information on shipment  tracking  Our online access will assist your customers with prompt shipping information. We give you full visibility information on all your product online. BFS customer services start when the order is received. Proper packaging and banding will provide quality results.
BFS Services provides all services as a third party logistics in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Asset based local delivery service, warhouse distribution center, and a full brokerage service on getting your containers to arrive promptly.


We offer a state of the art realtime web-base inventory control system.  On-Line order entry module for placing orders.  Generate reports online or have us automatically send them to you daily via e-mail. Inventory physical counts and receiving records reports at your fingertips.
Freeport Tax Exemption
BFS Services located within the Foreign Trades Zones. This allows our customers to take advantage on certain tax benefits.  The DFW area also serves as a primary gateway from imports through the Port of Houston
The freeport tax exemption is also known as a “goods in transit” exemption. This policy allows tangible business inventory to be exempt from business and property taxes if the goods or merchandise are purchased in Texas or imported from outside Texas to be assembled, stored, manufactured, processed or fabricated in their Coppell facilities, and then shipped outside of Texas within 175 days.